Fresh fish with Norwegian quality since 1890

Edward Johnsen AS was established in 1890, and has been up and running ever since. Which makes us one of the oldest fish producers in Norway.

Who are we?

The first few years the main production consisted of salt-fish, and Klipp-fish. But as communications improved, packing of fresh fish and production of fishliver-oils commenced.

After World War II the Islands where we are located had electricity fitted, and a freezingplant was installed. Ever since fillet- and other frozen fish and seafood products has been the most important range. In 1966 a bridge was build connecting us to the mainland. This ment that all transports, which previously had to go by boat, were made much easier. As the Norwegian aquaculture industry developed, products consisting of Salmon and Trout raw materials, has grown to become important products for us.


Today our production can roughly be dived into four parts:






Fresh Fish


Salmon Products

1 & 2 consists of processed products like fillets, and minced products. Our extensive range of these products are mainly sold to HoReCa- and retail markets, as both fresh and frozen. You'll find information about these products in the Norwegian section of our web-site.

3. We pack and export a wide variety of high quality fresh fish. These products are caught by our local fishing fleet, and daily deliveries and high competence ensure our sought after quality. These products are packed in accordance with our customers needs, and sold to customers in both Norway and abroad. You'll find a collection of the most important species under the tab "ferskfisk" in our web-site.

4. This group consists of processed products, mainly frozen products of Salmon and Trout. The most important markets are Norway, and countries like e.g. Sweden, Finland, Denmark, France and Italy.

Our company is made up of approx. 30 highly skilled employees.

Do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions about any products or services.

Contact details: 

Edward Johnsen AS

Langøyneset, 6530 Averøy

Telephone: (+47) 71 51 74 20